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Victoria Griffin, Trauma Therapist/ Intimacy Coach

Victoria is the founder and owner of Resiliency Counseling based in Atlanta, Georgia. She is a master trauma therapist with a diverse background in both the mental health and substance abuse field. She has expertise in trauma, domestic violence, sexual assault, addiction, and grief. 

Victoria has dedicated her professional career to empowering survivors of trauma/abuse, helping repair family relationships, and community mental health awareness. She is a professional consultant, public speaker, and presenter in the counseling field. She also serves as an expert witness in domestic violence and sexual assault in the state of Georgia.

In addition to her trauma work, Victoria has a special interest in developing resiliency skills, building confidence and self-acceptance, and restoring trust and intimacy connections. In her role as an intimacy coach, she addresses shame, guilt, emotional safety, and relational issues that affect self-worth and authentic intimate connections with others outside of sexual relations. 

Victoria’s work and interest in authentic intimacy connections has become a highly requested topic in a post “social distancing” culture. As a result, she has welcomed public speaking engagements as resourceful way for reaching those who have a desire for change but may not be receptive to therapeutic setting. She looks forward to continuing to expand and deepen her expertise in this trust and intimacy.