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The journey to healing and recovery is not always an easy path but it is one that can lead to self- discovery, healing, and growth.

Resiliency Counseling offers holistic and evidenced based therapies rooted in mind, body, and spiritual wellness. While our practice offer services that address various emotional needs, we specialize in trauma and abuse, grief and emotional pain, intimacy and trust, and confidence and self identity.

We offer a pathway to healing and recovering from emotional wounds and traumas, developing a healthier, more confident self-identity, and rebuild trust and intimacy connections in a safe, affirming space.

Our mission is to empower resiliency pathways to emotional healing, recovery, and intimacy.

-Victoria Griffin, Intimacy Coach/ Trauma Therapist


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Victoria Griffin is a licensed counselor in the states of Georgia, Mississippi, and the District of Columbia. She is both a master trauma therapist and a dynamic intimacy coach. She provides her clients with realistic, effective, and confidence building strategies and tools that help them achieve transformational emotional wellness.

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