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About the Practice

Resiliency Counseling is a private therapy practice owned by Victoria Griffin. The practice was established in 2013 in the state of Georgia out of a community need to provide accessible therapy resources for victims and survivors of sexual assault/rape and domestic violence/ abuse. 

Since its inception, the practice has expanded its focus to include grief, intimacy/ trust connections, and self esteem/identity issues. The practice also addresses specific traumas that include: violence, relational/emotional abuse, family/generational traumas,  gender/racial traumas, and  faith-based/ religious traumas. 

Our mission is to empower healing and restoration of individual and family identities, relationships, and emotional stability.

Our core values of Resiliency Counseling are: hope, compassion, empowerment, safety, trust, integrity, and effectiveness.

Our goal is to provide holistic, effective therapeutic interventions to assist clients in healing and restoring themselves and their relationships that contribute to living a fulfilling, flourishing life.